Chance Knight

Chance. A second chance at life, a second chance at being a good dog. Chance is a German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix. He is our newest addition to the family. When Hera was missing, he came into our lives.. He was cast away by an owner was an unfit pet parent. 

I got a text while I was working in December of 2015. “Babe, Eric found a dog and brought it to the shop!” it said. I was excited, it meant a dog we can save! A friend for Zeus to help him feel better about his missing sister. This was NOT us giving up on her, this was a chance to do something right, and save another dog. 

Chance was originally named Moose. A very fitting name, because he is a long, lanky dog. Long legs, big ears, adorable face. He is all around a very cute dog. He is silly, and sometimes if you are petting another dog for too long, he reminds you that he is still there. He is happy and bouncy, now. Something that it seems like he was not allowed to be when he was a puppy. 

Eventually we found out that we are his fourth home. Not only are we his fourth home, but his furever home too.


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