Tundra’s Angel Eyes 🐾🐺 (Guest Dog Post)

Tundra. A siberian husky, who is owned by our roommate/land lord. She has the traditional husky markings on her face, that make her look angry all the time, even when she’s not. And one unique feature. She has one brown eye, and one ice-blue eye. Some people have said that when a dog has two different colored eyes, that it means they can see the Heaven and the Earth.

Tundra really put this theory to the test. On Alan’s 23rd birthday, July 29, 2014, we were supposed to hang out with some friends who had become family. Wakili and Getta. They were supposed to come over at 4 o’clock. They were never late. 

At 3:54 or so, Tundra started acting very different. She started barking and whining, while running up and down the stairs leading to our roommate’s bedroom. Then, she started spinning in circles through the living room. It was a way she had never acted before. So finally, I said, “Tundra, show me. Show me what’s wrong.” She ran to our roommate’s closed bedroom door, and started sniffing at the handle, so hard that the door was moving back and forth on the hinges. 

We opened the door, and she jumped up onto the bed. She barked at the closet. We checked, no one was there. Checked the bathroom, no one. So then, she started to bark and look up, bark and look up, over and over. 

Finally, we got her to calm down about 10 minutes later. Alan went next door, to Miss Lisa who is Wakili’s cousin, to check and see if they had been there yet. Miss Lisa gave us the tragic news. Getta had gotten taken to the hospital and passed away from what was believed to be cardiac arrest, 4 days after she had turned 34 years old. They wouldn’t be stopping by for Alan’s birthday. 

Tundra started acting strange around the time Getta passed. We believe to this day that she came to see Tundra, because she loved Zeus and Tundra. She didn’t get the chance to meet Chance or Hera. Tundra has not acted the way she did since that day.  

In September 2015, Wakili passed from what is believed to be a broken heart. He couldn’t do it without Getta. He missed her dearly. It seems like everything went south after he passed. November 2015 is when Hera was stolen. December 2015 Chance came into our lives and ended up being put in “Doggy Jail”. 

Then things started looking up, January 2016 Chance officially became ours and came home. February 2016, Hera came home after three long months.

Fast forward to July 28, 2016. When Getta passed, I started seeing monarch butterflies all the time. She knew how i had told my grandmother to send me butterflies if and when she passed. She knew what it meant to me. Orange was her favorite color. Wakili loved yellow because it was so close to orange, and Getta was his sunshine. Wakili sent me little, solid yellow butterflies every day, generally. And Getta always had sent me monarchs. Well, here we were. The day before Alan’s 25th birthday. I was outside with the pups, letting them burn off some energy. A yellow monarch, the first time i had ever seen one, flew over our shed, and across the yard. Ate from some flowers on the fence, then flew towards me, and around my body in a few circles. Then away back over the shed. 

The next day, Alan’s birthday, he was letting the dogs play in the yard. He has never had a butterfly land on him, but the same yellow monarch i had seen the previous day, landed on his arm. 

We had been a little down because we were stressed about quite a bit. Trying to find a house while having three dogs, two bully breeds and then one half bully breed half german shepherd, because people who shouldn’t have had dogs made these breeds deemed agressive. Even though Zeus is registered as an Emotional Support Animal, a lot of people act scared of my sweet boy. Even though our babies are the sweetest, most well trained dogs I’ve met. 

I believe that this was Getta and Wakili together, because they are one. They wanted to tell us through our pups that everything will get better, that like Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light.”

This post in memory of Vi’Getta and Wakili Davis. We and the puppies miss you dearly. Thank you for the motivation and support that continued to show us and the happiness you have brought into our lives. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. 💜👼👼

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