Time Crunch (Aries is a Guest Dog!)

About the time that Hera came home, Alan’s friend Noah, and his girlfriend, Shelbi, needed someone to babysit their XXL Rednose Pitbull until they could get a house, instead of the small apartment they were in. Aries exceeded the weight limit and was on the breed restriction list. 

He was about a week older than Hera, and he looked identical. The only difference was a white patch in the shape of a triangle on his face. His head was also bigger. He has the typical huge pitbull head. Hera’s head hasn’t caught up with his yet. He just kept growing and growing. 

As of right now, to put his size into perspective, Aries now weighs about 110lbs. He is MASSIVE. A giant furball full of love is what he is. He is such a big baby. 

He came into our home about two weeks or so before Hera came home. We had a house full, that’s for sure! Our three, Zeus, Chance, and Hera. Then, we had Tundra, our roommate’s, then we had our guest, Aries. Talk about a house full! The first question we always got, “Do they all get along ok?”

The answer is,  YES! They all became best buddies! Of course, everything, all the changes, were a little rocky at first. Hera coming home to two new dogs in the house. Tundra had to get used to another girl again, granted she has known Hera since she was little, but her Queen Bee attitude came back. Hera got used to being home again, and got her voice back. She is sure feisty, she still yells at the boys all the time. Any horseplay or violence, loud voices, etc etc, Hera yells.

When we brought Aries into our home, it was on one condition. Alan got to work with him and use his dog training expertise to make Aries into a well mannered dog that could be around Noah and Shelbi’s new born son, and soon to be sons, as they are having a second. He has a seperation anxiety issue, as most pitbulls do. He is a shredder. On top of the seperation anxiety, we did not expect Hera to come home. It was a happy surprise. But both dogs are not altered, but she is too young, and too small, to safely have puppies. When her dognapper had her kept hidden, the kennel she was kept in must have been too small. It stunted her growth. She was 48lbs at that time, 9 months old. When she was dognapped, she weighed 55lbs at 6 months. With Aries being as massive as he is, a pregnancy would have been too risky. So, we had to keep them seperated, because, of course, she went into her very first heat a few days after she came home. We were lucky.  This is what they were waiting for when they had her. 

Of course, keeping two animals acting on instincts apart for the well being of them, not as easy as it may sound. Our two boys are fixed, so we didn’t have to worry about that. Just Aries. Boy, that took a lot of work. When Hera disappeared within the house, immediate panic. The panic, most of the time, wasn’t even necessary because generally she was napping. Aries made himself a spot behind the couch, and when he wasn’t trying to jump Hera’s bones, you could hear him snoring from that general area.  

Having five dogs requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and paperwork. In the state of Nebraska, to have more than three dogs living within your home, you have to aquire an Avocation Permit. We had a matter of a month to license all of our dogs, figure out if Aries would permanently being staying with us or going back to Noah and Shelbi, and we had to get our permit. What this entails is an application, a fee, and a home and property inspection.  Simple, but at the same time, quite a bit of work. Making sure to be able to schedule a time for them to come out with crazy, young adult work schedules. 

Between working, and catching the time span of when the Nebraska Humane Society was open for these kinds of things, we finally got our application in. We got everyone licensed, with the exception of Aries who went home to his mom and dad after staying with us for about a month or two. He’s still our little (giant) buddy, for sure.  

As soon as the inspection was done, Alan was there, as I was at work, they approved us. He said they were impressed with how well treated and even spoiled our babies are. They are our kids, and will never be anything less. 

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