The Story of Zeus

(Zeus, 2, the blanket dog in 2015)

Zeus Knight. American Bulldog. ESA. Amazing dog. He was my 20th birthday present. Alan saw me fall in love with Zeus when he was four weeks old. I told my mom about him. I told her, “Mom, I don’t care if I have to live in a box. I will have this dog.” I instantly knew, I needed him. Alan made that happen. 

I fell in love with this puppy, instantly drawn to him. He fell asleep on my lap, and wanted to be covered by my jacket. At some point, he crawled down my left sleeve, next to my arm and fell asleep for about half an hour. It was so cute. I just knew that I needed him. 

Alan talked to his roommate, and asked if we could keep the puppy at his house. Don told him, “As long as he gets along with Tundra.”  Just to make sure, we brought him over to meet her. She loved him, and was so intrigued by him. Then, Alan was playing with him, just moving his hand around on the floor, our puppy ran backwards as fast as his fat, little bulldog legs could carry him. He was the cutest thing. And we loved him. We took him back to be with his mom for the proper amount of time.

We thought about names for about a week or so. We decided on Greek Mythology names. We looked at list after list. Finally, we decided on Zeus. 

We were driving to my friend Sara’s house to pick up our knew puppy. We, frustratingly, got pulled over for loud exhaust on Alan’s old truck. I was annoyed because it was delaying us getting my knew puppy. I wanted to see him! 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we got to Sara’s house. He was eight weeks old, and had THE CUTEST pot belly. He was so tiny. It was cold outside, and of course, he liked to be covered. He was a little bigger now, so he stayed in the front of my sweatshirt to stay warm. I still have that sweatshirt, and it is his makeshift winter jacket, because he gets cold easily. He is still a cuddler to this day. We became best friends. The three of us. Alan, Kayla, and Zeus. Our little family. 

(Zeus, 8 weeks, on his first night home.)

(Zeus, 3, comforting me after a difficult emotional day)

Alan trained Zeus. I have anxiety and depression, and I learned of Emotional Support Animals. It made sense. Zeus was already so in tune with my emotions. He could tell when I needed help. He made sure I was always ok. Alan trained and worked with him every day. It definitely paid off. 

(Zeus at about 12-13 weeks old)

Zeus has always been the strong, silent type. A silent, observer. He doesn’t bark at every little strange noise outside. He only barks if he feels the need to alert us to something. Since the other dogs came into the picture, he has a little more of a voice, but it’s nice that he is more quiet than anything. 

He does however, make little grunting, piggy noises when he is throwing temper tantrums. Yes, Zeus throws temper tantrums. He is like a giant, furry child. When he doesn’t get his way, he throw hissy fits. Huffing and puffing, grunting and groning. He has even gone as far as kicking his feet and whining or whimpering. At one point, he went all the way from the basement up to our bedroom, and laid in his bed for about 20 minutes, pouting the entire time. 

He is very much a cuddler too. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t cuddle. If he gets cranky, he will hide his face under a blanket or pillow to cover his eyes so he can go to sleep. Blankets and pillows are a necessity to this boy. He even sleeps with my baby blanket in his bed at night. I have never met a dog that can show emotions like Zeus can. It’s crazy to watch, really. 

From pure joy, to sadness, to a little bit of anxiety. I have seen him show every emotion. Since he is surrounded by his favorite people and siblings daily now, he has been very happy go lucky. When Hera and Chance were gone, he showed sadness and, sadly, a little bit of depression. He had to watch Hera being taken, and being the gentle soul that he is, he couldn’t do anything. After that night, he was very skiddish and had a lot of anxiety. He was so nervous that we had to put some of his ESA training on hold.  He is the definition of sensitive.

(Joyful Zeus with his Hedgehog baby, September 2016 at 3 1/2)

(Zeus, 3 1/2, sleeping with my baby blanket, now his, and his baby, September 2016)

(Joyful Zeus, Mid 2014, around 1 1/2 years old)

(Zeus, 2, and Alan in 2015)

(Zeus throwing one of his temper tantrums at 2 in 2015)

Zeus has been through so much with us, and held us together when we felt like our lives were falling apart. Zeus is an amazing dog. He knows just what to do to make anyone feel better when they are needing it. He can even be a jokester at times. It’s the cutest thing. He knows when he is being funny too. It’s so great. He has such a personality. 

Surprisingly enough, I have never spent the night away from Zeus since we got him. Neither of us would even be able to sleep without all three of them there. We cuddle with them every single night, talk about spoiled dogs. 

We let Zeus pick all of his beds. Currently, he has a memory foam bowl type bed. He loves it. It is the only bed that he hasn’t ripped the stuffing out of in the middle of the night. We thinking sometimes he has nightmares, poor baby. He will end up in our bed, under the covers in the middle of the night. He makes noises when he is dreaming. It’s the cutest thing when he barks and “runs” in his sleep. As you can see from the photos, he likes to lay in odd ways.

(Zeus in 20116 at age 3)

(Zeus, 3, Hera, 1, and Chance , 2, in 2016)

(Zeus, 3, and Chance, 2, in 2016)

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